MICHAEL JACKSON: The Immeasurable Joy Is Continuous! :-)

In celebration of the ARTIST LOVE OF MY LIFE, here are some Michael Jackson videos that mean we’ll never forget. 3 favourites: THRILLER REMEMBER THE TIME IN THE CLOSET A song that reminds… Continue reading

The Unfortunate INCIDENT Of Mr TONE DEAF – And That Hole In His Face! ¦-|

In todays gym session I encountered an irritant. The kind that comes in the shape of an old man. He was ‘singing’ out loud on the stationary bike as I tried to mind… Continue reading


It was lunch time. 1pm in the office. I brought in my own lunch from home that I’d just finished heating in the microwave.The lunch hall was packed. I was now making my… Continue reading

I’m AFRAID Of DOGS. It’s true.

I know it’s not a phobia, at least not a full blown one. I say this because I can walk past a dog without ‘properly’ panicking. However, relaxed is certainly not a word… Continue reading

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Better… :-)

OK. I can procrastinate no more. I watched the last instalment of the Twilight Saga – months ago! To get right to the point, unlike Breaking Dawn Part 1, I actually have very… Continue reading

Chris Evans And Chris Hemsworth Avengers Interview

The humour in this video is so satisfying that my mood has improved ten-fold. I now have an inner glow and all is right again. I’ve always been partial to a healthy bromance.… Continue reading

You Make A Mistake, You PAY!

Wouldn’t it be nice if people could be so kind as to, not just tell me when they’re about to do something potentially distressing to me; but also tell me how long it… Continue reading

Street Performance: Just The Way It Should Be. Kind Of. :-)

I was so wowed by a street performer today that when I checked my purse to remunerate him for his efforts, and I found myself to have zero change, I went to the… Continue reading

Hip/Hop Street Performers – LISTEN UP!

A message to all Hip/Hop street performers. Especially those in the United States! Please, please, please, less talk and more action. Don’t spend 20 minutes talking about who you are and where you… Continue reading

So, Breaking Dawn Part 1: Er…

Well, it has taken me a while to write about the 4th film instalment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. Before I go into why that might be, I’ll start by telling you what… Continue reading

The Ultimate Sign of Summer: The Loudest!

Writing from the point of view of a London, England resident, there are very few signs that let people know that Summer has officially arrived. Here are a few signs that spring to… Continue reading

I’ve been walking around like this and you didn’t tell me? WOW!

I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, most people don’t choose to walk around with food stuck between their teeth. The same applies for walking around with their fly open,… Continue reading


Robert Pattinson and Bruno Mars are almost identical. Don’t believe me? Just look…

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM?. ‘I Was Here’ (Beyonce) By Diane Warren.

A little tip: Listen. Don’t watch. Well, unless you need reminding on the beauty that is Beyonce. This song makes me think of dreams, my dreams and yours. Michael Jackson also springs to… Continue reading

SHOPPING: What Happens When 5 Minutes is Not 5 Minutes.

Gia: ‘Oh, what’s this shop? I’ve never seen this before.’ I enter anyway even though my instinct warns that this is one of those shops with an over-zealous Sales Assistant. Plus, the fact… Continue reading

Today The Local ‘Crazy’ Touched My Face.

I was on my way home from work. I spotted him several metres in front of me – and since he’d already seen me, to avoid being rude, I stopped to exchange a… Continue reading

Riley Biers: I know he’s supposed to be ‘BAD’, but I like him!

Finally, at long last, I have watched Eclipse. I can’t believe how long it took me! The film was only released nationwide, in the UK last Friday. But still! The real reason it… Continue reading

MICHAEL JACKSON: Thankfully, Extraordinary Artistry Lasts Forever.

I really cannot help but feel genuinely excited for the generations yet to learn of and experience the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson. Of course it hardly feels real or right that I’m… Continue reading

The Reason For My ‘Crazy’ Smile: Usher’s New Song Featuring Will.i.am

A few days ago my younger sister updated her Facebook status as follows: “So in love with the Usher and Will.I.am tune!!!!” Having been tied down with a couple of projects lately, I… Continue reading

Leonardo Dicaprio: “But he looks like a girl! He’s a rubbish Actor…!” They Said.

What happy memories the above words bring to mind… I say this because I was one of those thoroughly ‘passionate’ and ‘dedicated’ young girls that got carried away into the all consuming Leonardo… Continue reading

Angelina Jolie: Why I Love Her So.

Yes she is beautiful – a fact that cannot be overlooked. Talented? Absolutely. But that is not why I love Angelina Jolie. My love is greater than her aesthetic and how well she… Continue reading

Robert Pattinson: At My Local Supermarket.

Last night I met Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen. What? Where? How? I hear you wonder. At my local supermarket. He was reasonably friendly, and well mannered enough, not only to smile back,… Continue reading

Taylor Lautner: A Girl’s… Ok, A Woman’s New Obsession. But I’m Definitely A YOUNG Woman!

I am rather embarrassed right now. In fact, one could say I’m even more than a little ashamed. You see, I have a new crush. A rather big one at that. TAYLOR LAUTNER… Continue reading