MICHAEL JACKSON: Thankfully, Extraordinary Artistry Lasts Forever.

I really cannot help but feel genuinely excited for the generations yet to learn of and experience the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson.

Of course it hardly feels real or right that I’m referring to Michael Jackson in past tense and in June 2010. It’s even harder to believe that nearly a whole year has now passed since the day the world woke up to the news. Nevertheless, we always knew that the day would come when Michael was no longer physically in this world.

Ever since the event, for the longest time I was unable to watch any videos of Michael, let alone look at pictures and read news articles covering his passing. The truth is, I still haven’t fully watched any film footage of him yet. But unlike in the last 11 months, I can now listen to his music without getting very emotional. The mere mention of his name still moves me, but this time it’s as a result of feeling incredibly lucky that I was blessed enough to grow up with Michael, as well as experience and witness his immense talent and positive influence.

There are so many moments of happiness – especially whilst growing up that are linked to listening to and watching videos of the music of Michael Jackson. It is therefore incredibly fortunate, particularly for later generations that brilliant music has a way of lasting forever.

Even though Michael Jackson has physically left us, he is so very present every time we are exposed to his music, and hear or see the work of all the people he inspired, as well as those he’ll continue to inspire many years after.

I write this to say: ‘Thank you again Michael, for the immeasurable joy. I really hope that you are getting exactly what you need wherever you are at this time; especially so because with ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ playing in the background as I type these words, thanks to you, I am.”